Moncler Aliso Women's Down Jackets With Belt Black

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Different styles and colors to choose from, Moncler is a good choice for winter.they with the white goose down fill, lightweight and comfortable for different impression about winter will have, it means no more cold and frozen, the world brand sure up the quality of what you get, you will feel, bring them to enjoy miss it!

Brand: Moncler
The fill consists of 90% white goose down
Front zipper closure
Dry clean or machine wash
Signature logo at the left shoulder.
Length:middle length
Lining Material:Nylon
Fabric Material:Cotton
Dry clean or machine wash
Style details:Ji-open wire
Lining Material:Polyester
Plate type: Slim type
Brand new with retail packing
With tag.

Moncler loved marekt wide and deep of people in, no matter where, when winter comes, you can see, there are many people choose the moncler jackets to protect them from frozen.Moncler, is the best choice for winter.they bring hot people and make them feel comfortable, and at the same time, they remain in the world fashion.they also the market fashion every winter run, how can you miss the mark if you are in the team of fashion, just come to our website and get what you need, wait moncler jackets for you.

Why Choose Us:.
--All Of our products ensures the quality, luxurious and stylish
- All goods are brand new, witn filling the white goose down, light weight and stylish.
- All the materials are through the careful selection and the top grade
--We will send the package within 48 hours of the day payment.7-14 world ..


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