Moncler Gamme Bleu in Milan

Browne is an old-fashioned American boy at heart—which exports well to Europe, with its false nostalgia for an American heritage already half-known through film and television, but not as cliched as it appears stateside. Ironically, the American often rears its head most evidently in Browne’s work for this Italo-French company. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? This show, with its 40 perfectly pitched tents and well-dressed models doing the rounds, was a campsite scene straight out of a Hollywood movie. “It’s really just a simple story,” said Browne, citing American boy Scouts and Smokey rather than Yogi as his inspiration. To lay out a little of the plot synopsis, the models marched out in floor-length cagoule–sleeping bag hybrids; the bears went down to the wood and gruffly wrestled each cagoule off each model to reveal their underpinnings. Spoiler alert: The stuff under comprised the actual collection. The two bears then sent the boys on their way, ringing-round Moncler’s campsite. After, they each retired to one of those tents, unfurling their cagoule as a mattress to bivouac down. “I like the entertainment value,” shrugged Browne.

In the audience, alongside the Giants football player Victor Cruz, the Oklahoma City Thunder basketball player Serge Ibaka and the actor Édgar Ramírez, was the Grammy-nominated rapper and Kanye West protégé Big Sean, there to take in his first Milan Fashion Week show.

Big Sean, whose full name is Sean Anderson, was on a brief break from his European stadium tour with Rihanna, which began in Amsterdam this month.

Despite jet lag — “On the way to the show just now, I kept falling asleep,” he said — he perked up near the crackling campfire to discuss the new experience.

This is your first Milan Fashion Week. What do you think so far?

I think it’s live; I think it’s cool. I get to see a couple people — my homie Victor Cruz just texted me, like, “Yo, I’m here!”

Do you have a connection with Moncler?

I’ve been wearing Moncler. I remember the first time I saw Moncler, I was with Ye — Kanye — it was after I got my deal, he took me to the Moncler store and bought me my first Moncler vest.

He was like, you need to have a Moncler vest if you’re going to be a big star?

He bought himself one, and then he bought me one. It was real inspiring.

Do you still have it?

Yeah, I’m sure I still have it in the closet somewhere — deep in there.

Does Moncler have cachet in the hip-hop community? Would you use it in a verse?

I haven’t, but I would. I like it. Some clothing lines I don’t really mess with like that, I don’t really care for, but I like Moncler.

When you’re on tour, do you have time to do anything but work? See the cities?

In Amsterdam, we were there rehearsing, too, so we were there for five days. I had a chance to see the town, hit some coffee shops.

I bet Rihanna goes hard in Amsterdam.

Yeah, we partied a little bit. It’s fun, it’s family. Nothing too crazy.

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